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66. I made changes to my oer configuration but the changes aren't getting saved! Why not?
26. How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle?
34. oer or oer+MySQL seems to disconnect from the IRC server (sign off) more often than other bots or IRC clients, why?
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Q: How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle? (#26)
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A: A difficult question. My best answer is YMMV (= your mileage may vary). The biggest load my oer has had is about 10 channels having a total of 300 users (the biggest channel having 100 users). I have heard of oers handling upto 20 channels but with not that many users. I once had a oer on 2 channels with over 1000 nicks without problems but oer did not have any load apart from the channel activity. So to recap, try it out. Stress out oer as much as you can and let me know how oer behaves.

Other requirements (memory, disk) are linear meaning the more channels, users and nicks you have the more memory (and disk) is consumed. A average oer will consume about 1 MB of memory and require less than 100 KB of disk space (without logs). If you intend to log anything with oer, the diskspace requirements will increase dramatically (my oer takes up almost 100 MB having over 2 years of logged data).