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66. I made changes to my oer configuration but the changes aren't getting saved! Why not?
26. How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle?
34. oer or oer+MySQL seems to disconnect from the IRC server (sign off) more often than other bots or IRC clients, why?
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Q: Are there any addons, modules or scripts for oer or oer+MySQL? (#29)
Inserted/last edited by EQU <> on 2004-02-08 01:43:58
A: No and there will never be as long as I maintain the oer source code. There is a reason why oer is compact, performs well, runs on many UNIX platforms: oer doesn't require any additional software and doesn't have a parser or interpreter that would slow things down. I may consider adding loadable module support at some point. If I choose to do so, I do it only to make testing and development more flexible.

Update: Rakkis has written perl scripting support for oer and oer+MySQL which should make it possible to do just about any kind of scripting.