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66. I made changes to my oer configuration but the changes aren't getting saved! Why not?
26. How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle?
34. oer or oer+MySQL seems to disconnect from the IRC server (sign off) more often than other bots or IRC clients, why?
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Q: Quoting still doesn't work, why? (#3)
Inserted/last edited by EQU <> on 2003-06-17 00:37:58
A: If you followed given instructions but oer still doesn't quote people when they are joing, consider the following: 1) oer doesn't quote a person if the person has joined more than once in the last 20 joins 2) oer doesn't quote if less than 300 seconds have passed since the last quote 3) oer doesn't quote the person if the random chosen quote isn't "good enough", meaning it is too short, or contains too few words, etc.