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66. I made changes to my oer configuration but the changes aren't getting saved! Why not?
26. How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle?
34. oer or oer+MySQL seems to disconnect from the IRC server (sign off) more often than other bots or IRC clients, why?
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Q: What do the values mean in floodvars? (#38)
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A: All time intervals are in seconds.
  • repeat exipre: the number of seconds in which a message can be counted as repeat
  • repeat limit: the number of identical lines allowed in repeat expire seconds
  • interval: the timeframe that is a base value for checking the remaining limits
  • max lines: maximum number of lines by nick in interval seconds
  • max chars: maximum number of characters by nick in interval seconds
  • nick flood expire: the amount of seconds in which a nick change is counted as a nick change
  • nick changes: the number of nick changes allowed in nick flood expire seconds

In addition to these limits, oer (since version -52) tries to guess (approximate, do a weighted average) the speed of messages and characters that will be sent by someone. This allows oer to prematurely detect a flood or a copy-pasting to a channel. Without this functionality oer would be vulnerable to flood storms and flooding with waits in between. If you want to allow copy-pasting and several consequetive lines in a short interval, you will have to increase the max lines value. Unless you are 100% sure what you are doing, do not change the default values set by oer, they are tested to work in most situations.