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1. I can't get oer working, what should I do?
2. How to activate quoting?
3. Quoting still doesn't work, why?
4. oer crashes or gets stuck, what can I do?
5. My platform is not listed, can I get a version for it?
6. Why does oer de-op itself?
7. oer doesn't recognize me, are my masks incorrect?
8. Are there any backdoors in oer?
9. How can I get on-join announcements?
10. Does oer have flood protection?
11. Will oer cycle a channel?
12. Can I link two or more oers together?
13. Can I make oer not to expire dynamic logins?
14. How can I prevent oer from kicking people for flooding?
15. How can I copy a channel to another?
16. What are services and how to use them?
17. What is the CTCP friendly mode?
18. How can I make oer keep or steal a nick?
19. How can I make oer log everything?
20. Is there a way to make oer send messages instead of sending notices?
21. What is the Q friendly mode?
22. Is there support in oer for dynamic (password protected) users?
23. How can I prevent users from adding hostmasks to themselves?
24. I am channel admin but I can't add or alter channel admins, why?
25. How much load (channels, users, nicks, etc) can oer handle?
26. How can I make oer auth to Q?
27. How can I make oer obey only bot users?
28. Are there any addons, modules or scripts for oer or oer+MySQL?
29. Can I run oer on Windows?
30. How can I force users to use oer for topic handling?
31. How can I change the default topic separator?
32. How can I change the default logon timeout?
33. oer or oer+MySQL seems to disconnect from the IRC server (sign off) more often than other bots or IRC clients, why?
34. How can I create nice channel statistics like IRCstats does?
35. On startup setlocale() failed is displayed or oer/oer+MySQL can't handle some characters. What's up?
36. oer punishes itself (kicks, de-ops, bans, etc), why?
37. What do the values mean in floodvars?
38. What do the values mean in banvars?
39. In a shared oer+MySQL setup the bots keep on setting the chanmode, why and how to avoid it?
40. Why isn't there a refresh command?
41. Can oer and oer+MySQL be run through a bouncer?
42. Can oer and oer+MySQL run through a telnet proxy?
43. How can I have a L friendly mode, just like the one there is for Q?
44. How to use oer and oer+MySQL's ext feature?
45. How can I make oer auto-op someone on my channel?
46. How can I force oer to run in a specific timezone?
47. How do I add my own command to oer?
48. Why isn't oer on sourcefourge.net?
49. How to link oer+MySQL as static?
50. How many people use oer and oer+MySQL?
51. Can I use MySQL 3.22 (or older) with oer+MySQL?
52. Why doesn't my oer show uptime correctly?
53. How do I activate channel last & seen logging?
54. What is a vhost (virtual host) and how should I set it up?
55. How to setup a shared oer+MySQL setup?
56. How stable are oer and oer+MySQL?
57. Is there IPv6 support in oer and oer+MySQL?
58. How can I make oer or oer+MySQL message someone?
59. On startup oer or oer+MySQL fails in connect(), what's wrong?
60. Is there a "bitch" mode in oer or oer+MySQL?
61. Do I have to issue a logoff for a dynamic user being deleted?
62. Adverts aren't always sent, why not?
63. Can oer or oer+MySQL simultaneosly join more than one network/IRC server?
64. Some oer or oer+MySQL versions are marked as depreciated, why?
65. I made changes to my oer configuration but the changes aren't getting saved! Why not?
66. How to setup NickServ using the provided Q auth mechanism?
67. oer 1.0-63 or newer fails to configure/compile/run on Cygwin, why?
68. I switched on last/seen/raw logging but the log has a size of 0 bytes, why?
69. I can't compile oer+MySQL on FreeBSD with a ports-installed MySQL, why?
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